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Programmable 400 Hz medium frequency power supply

Overview of Programmable Multifunctional 400Hz Medium Frequency Power Supply:

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of 400Hz medium frequency static power supply for aviation and military electronic and electrical equipment. With DSP processor as the core, SPWM control technology and DDS direct digital waveform synthesis technology are adopted. Power electronic technology, automatic control theory, digital signal processing technology and information technology are combined to realize the intellectualization, digitization, visualization and programmability of 400Hz medium frequency power supply. The products are in the leading technology in China.

This product can be used in aircraft and airborne equipment, radar, navigation and other military electronic equipment, as well as other occasions requiring 400Hz medium frequency power supply. It is a replacement product of unit type variable frequency power supply. The voltage and frequency of the product can be adjusted in a range of (+20%). It can also be used in laboratory or production line as a power source for debugging experiments. It can also customize the power supply of 25-1500Hz with various frequencies and voltages for customers.

Product Advantage

1. Fast dynamic response:

Double closed-loop feedback circuit ensures that the waveform of the non-linear load is not distorted by the inner loop current, while the voltage drop of the sudden load is less than 1% by the outer loop voltage, and the reaction speed is less than 2 mS.

2. Good man-machine interface, integration of meter and source, high measurement accuracy:

High power supply uses 7 inch or 10 inch color touch screen display. Three-phase output voltage value, current value, power value, frequency value and input DC bus voltage value can be displayed. The parameters of local communication, local address and baud rate can be set. It can record, store and display events automatically, such as power on, start power output, stop power output, fault and fault type, and record the date and time of events. At the same time, the time interval (1-60 seconds) can be set to sample and monitor the power supply parameters, recording date, time, three-phase voltage, three-phase current and other parameters. Users can view historical events and data records through the event recording interface.

Alarm information interface: When the inverter power supply system fails or operates incorrectly, the touch screen automatically pops up the alarm information interface, showing the type of fault and the way to deal with it. This power supply adopts DSP digital signal processing technology and has many kinds of fault detection functions. It can detect faults such as internal IGBT device overcurrent, three-phase output overvoltage, three-phase output undervoltage, three-phase output overcurrent, three-phase output overload, DC input overvoltage, DC input undervoltage, internal device overheating, synchronous signal fault, synchronous communication fault, synchronous setting error and so on. Type I malfunction is displayed directly on the touch screen.

3. Strong carrying capacity:

The application of power components is reasonable, which can withstand the impact of over rated current without causing voltage drop.

4. Excellent stability:

Voltage stability is less than 1%, load stability is less than 1%. The output frequency is generated by oscillation of quartz oscillator, so it has very stable and accurate frequency. Other manufacturers can not achieve this accuracy, the display value is set.

Functional characteristics

1. Programmable Functions

A. General function - set a set of voltage, frequency, time, operation output;

B. Step function - --- Set up multi-group (up to 30 groups) step voltage, frequency and time. Run the output according to the set step, and set the number of cycles and cycle interval time.

C. Gradient function - --- Setting up multiple groups (up to 30 groups) starting voltage frequency, terminating voltage frequency, starting time and running time, the system automatically changes the VF output according to the setting.

D, VF Start Kinetic Energy - For motor testing and high-power motor starting, the way of variable frequency and voltage after constant frequency and variable voltage can be set to reduce the impulse current when starting.

E. Special curve imitation - For complex pressure and frequency changes, it can be marked according to customer requirements or related tests. See voltage and frequency curves become solidified in the system.

2. Parallel Redundancy Function

A. It can work in parallel with two or more computers. Improve the availability of power supply

B. Dual computer redundancy. Improving the Reliability of Power Supply

C. It can work independently and in parallel with two or more machines (independently: single machine can set frequency and voltage arbitrarily. Working in parallel)

3. Multipurpose Function of One Machine

A. It can work in standard three-phase output mode and output standard three-phase voltage with phase difference of 120 degrees each other.

B. It can also work in single-phase mode. At this time, the three single-phase output voltages, frequencies and phases are exactly the same. Three single-phase outputs can be directly connected in parallel outside the power supply. It can be used as a single-phase power supply, which is three times higher than the single-phase load capacity of the traditional power supply. Single-phase and three-phase function switching only needs one key switching, no need for complex internal line adjustment, and the power supply has self-diagnosis and protection functions, effectively preventing output short circuit caused by single-phase and three-phase mode wrong switching.

C, three-phase control function: three single-phase output frequency and output voltage can be independently adjusted, three single-phase can output different frequencies and voltages.

4. Three-phase phase angle adjustable function

In the three-phase output mode, the phase angle of the three-phase output voltage can be adjusted to a range of 0-360 degrees and a resolution of 0.1 degrees.

5. RS232/RS485 Communication Interface

MODBUS communication protocol is adopted. Users can realize centralized control by computer or PLC, set operation commands of inverters, modify or read functional parameters, read the working status and fault information of inverters, etc.