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Product Detail
Programmable 50 Hz to 60 Hz power supply

Product Profile:

This series of products adopt high frequency power electronic switching technology, the output voltage and frequency can be adjusted. Provide the standard grid voltage and frequency of the world, simulate and test various electrical products. It can be used in laboratories and production lines of R&D and manufacturing enterprises of export electronic and electrical products as test and debugging power supply, as well as imported 60Hz equipment as running power supply.

Functional characteristics

1. Programmable Functions

A. General function - set a set of voltage, frequency, time, operation output;

B. Step function - --- Set up multi-group (up to 30 groups) step voltage, frequency and time. Run the output according to the set step, and set the number of cycles and cycle interval time.

C. Gradient function - --- Setting up multiple groups (up to 30 groups) starting voltage frequency, terminating voltage frequency, starting time and running time, the system automatically changes the VF output according to the setting.

D, VF Start Kinetic Energy - For motor testing and high-power motor start-up, we can set the mode of frequency and voltage conversion after constant frequency and voltage conversion to reduce the impact current when starting.

E. Special curve imitation - For complex pressure and frequency changes, according to customer requirements or related test labeling, see voltage and frequency curve become solidified in the system.

2. Parallel Redundancy Function

A. It can work in parallel with two or more computers. Improve the availability of power supply

B. Dual computer redundancy. Improving the Reliability of Power Supply

C. It can work independently and in parallel with two or more machines (independently: single machine can set frequency and voltage arbitrarily. Working in parallel

3. Multipurpose Function of One Machine

A. It can work in standard three-phase output mode and output standard three-phase voltage with phase difference of 120 degrees each other.

B. It can also work in single-phase mode. At this time, the three single-phase output voltages, frequencies and phases are exactly the same. Three single-phase output voltages can be directly connected in parallel outside the power supply. It can be used as a single-phase power supply, which is three times higher than the single-phase load capacity of the traditional power supply. Single-phase and three-phase function switching only needs one key switching, does not need complex internal line adjustment, and the power supply has self-diagnosis and protection functions, effectively preventing output short circuit caused by single-phase and three-phase mode wrong switching.

C, three-phase control function: three single-phase output frequency and output voltage can be independently adjusted, three single-phase can output different frequencies and voltages.

4. Three-phase phase angle adjustable function

In the three-phase output mode, the phase angle of the three-phase output voltage can be adjusted to a range of 0-360 degrees and a resolution of 0.1 degrees.

5. RS232/RS485 communication interface.

MODBUS communication protocol is adopted. Users can realize centralized control by computer or PLC, set operation commands of inverters, modify or read functional parameters, read the working status and fault information of inverters, etc.